What is Fandom.Live?

At Fandom.Live we aim to be the voice for fans. There are fans from all over the world that want the chance to see a certain event or entertainer so at Fandom.Live we provide that opportunity to all fans. Here's how?


Every user has 1 vote. Use your vote to select which country you want to see the event in.


We will be adding more and more events so be sure to follow us on FB, Twitter, & Instagram. #fandomlive


Sharing is caring. These events come every so often so every vote matters. Share with your friends or family that you know would also love the event.


The winning country, Congratulations! You've won the opportunity to see the match. For everyone else, no worries, you can still see the match. Tickets are available for all but all voting participants will receive ticket updates before anyone else! Enjoy the show!

Where the fans have the power!

How Voting Works

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